Where our funding comes from

Our annual membership dues and donations from our alumni, patrons and staff advisers, lecturers and other individuals constitute some 95 per cent of our funding.

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This helps to ensure operational independence and

flexibility. The remaining funds come from governments

and international organisations.

When we work in contexts where there are opposing parties and humanitarian assistance is at risk of abuse, we rely solely on private donations to fund our activities. our funds are spent

MF is a non-profit organisation and more than 80 per cent of our resources are allocated to our humanitarian activities. The remaining is spent on management and administration, and reinvested in fundraising.

We maintain reserves that allow us to respond immediately to emergencies without having to wait for fundraising.


Financial control and transparency

The use of MF funds is tightly controlled and the audited financial reports of our organisation are publicly available.

The audited report provides a transparent overview of MF’s work. It defines the different categories of income and expenditure and shows how funds are raised and spent.