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Image result for online doctorNeed to talk to a doctor? Don’t have the disposition to visit a hospital or waste your time waiting there? Feel embarrassed or uncertain about having a physical conversation? Need an urgent help with a health-related issue and Google doesn’t exactly seem to understand your question? Just request a live chat with an online doctor for free here >>

You can mail in your question if no doctor is available at the moment. You shall be replied in no time at all.

You’re assured a response on MedixOnlineDoc. We assign your question to our doctors and you’re likely to receive not one but multiple opinions. We’ll ensure you get a response in 1-3 hours.

Our doctors will give you a certified opinion on your health issues and guide you through further steps which may include physical examinations, tests, a prescription or lifestyle tips. 

If the issue cannot be completely resolved online, such as cases requiring procedures or surgeries, you shall be promptly referred to the appropriate specialist closest to you for further management.

We shall also assist you in making informed choices on where to purchase genuine drugs and get laboratory tests and scans done properly.

We have a strict verification process for every doctor on MedixOnlineDoc. Any doctor that you consult with is a licensed medical practitioner.

Every question or consultation here is completely private & confidential. Questions may be published anonymously on our Forum to guide others with similar issues. 

In addition, we host free medical outreaches at varied locations periodically. With generous contributions from our team as well as kind donations and sponsorships from external sources, we provide free drugs and lab tests to patients without bias.

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