Medix Frontiers is an organization born out of a passion for service. After participating in the African Medical Student’s Training Congress (AMSTC) organized by the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) in Accra , Ghana, one of the cofounders – Dr Charles C. Chima – a then 3rd year medical student felt emboldened and empowered to pursue his long borne ambition to improve health and wellbeing on the African continent. This event (AMSTC) took place between 28th Dec 2014 and 3rd January 2005. On returning from the AMSTC, Dr. Chima shared his vision for a medical student-led health promotion and advocacy non-profit organization with two of his colleagues – Dr. Sebastian Ilomuanya and Dr. Nnamdi Moeteke. Together, these three men found the organization, articulated a strategy to accomplish this vision, and mobilized fellow young medics at the University of Nigeria who bought into this vision.

A hallmark characteristic of founding members of the organization was the awareness that as future doctors they had a unique set of knowledge that accorded them a privileged status in society, and that they had the power to leverage this privilege to improve the quality of life of their fellow citizens. The common aspirations and ideals these medical students shared can be summarized as:

  •       That it was a privilege for them to be in the medical profession.
  •       That as a consequence of this ‘privilege’, that they owed the society the duty of preserving the health of its citizenry.
  •       That the duty on them to preserve life is one that cannot wait until they became licensed doctors.
  •       That the knowledge they possessed as medical students has the potential to transform society if only it can be put to good use.
  •       That these aspirations were equally burning in the hearts of many of their colleagues but were been quelled by the absence of  an avenue to channel their noble youthful energies to good use.
  •       That there was an urgent need to create an organization that will harness these youthful energies and channel them towards uplifting the health conditions of the populace through voluntary work.
  •       That the organization shall aim to address local health needs, especially amongst youths and vulnerable groups, by challenging pre-existing strategies and adopting evidence-based, youth-friendly, effective, and efficient methods.

Hence Medix Frontiers was born: an organization of young minds who refute the notion that ‘youths are leaders are leaders of tomorrow’ and have proven that they are rather ‘leaders of today!’ ‘Medix’ because they are medics and ‘Frontiers’ because they aspire to push back the frontiers of pre-existing strategies for disease control.

At inception, the founders came to identify the rising scourge of the HIV/AIDS pandemic as a great health and socio-economic threat to present and future generations of mankind in Sub-Saharan Africa and felt a need to take immediate action. Hence amongst other aims and objectives, curbing the spread of HIV in Nigeria became a rallying point for our multifaceted work.