The MF Movement

Medix Frontiers (MF) is a movement of medical students with support from their graduated doctors, patrons, staff and legal advisers. Collectively, they make sure that the organisation stays true to its mission and principles.

Operational Structure

MF is made up of 3 directorates whose operations are interwoven, the members working collectively towards the success of the organisation.

Research and Publication Directorate 

  • Leads the organisation in carrying out researches.
  • Publishes and markets the organisation’s publications.
  • Puts up articles for youth sensitization of youths and the general public.
  • Produces Information, Education and Communication materials for outreaches.
  • Collaborates with other organisations/individuals with similar interest in humanitarian and health-related ventures including research.

Welfare and Outreach Directorate

  • Organises general medical and HIV/AIDS awareness outreaches to secondary schools, tertiary institutions and rural communities.
  • Liaises with support groups of PLWHA to provide supportive services for them.
  • Actively sees to the academic and general welfare concerns of crusaders.

Socials and Entertainment Directorate

  • Collaborates with the Welfare and Outreach directorate to structure the outreach programs for the outreaches.
  • Plans, organises and directs and controls all the social activities of the organisation.
  • Helps members develop their socials and entertainment skills.

MF Collaborations

Working in association with the United States President’s Emergency Fund for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) through its state arm ENSACA, the Prisoners Rehabilitation and Welfare Action (PRAWA) and the Catholic Relief Services, Nigeria, the organisation explores every possible means of reaching out to high-risk and vulnerable groups.